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My name is Albin, and I am a PhD Student in Robotics and Intelligent Machines (DRIM).

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My Main Research:

As a PhD candidate within the National Doctoral Program in Robotics and Intelligent Machines (DRIM), curriculum industry 4.0, my research is at the forefront of technological transition in the industrial sector. My focus lies on the nuanced field of collaborative robotics, particularly in the post-processing of 3D-printed products.

My research integrates AI vision, powered by deep learning, into robotic surface finishing for 3D-printed products. This AI application enhances robots’ ability to detect and correct surface imperfections, streamlining quality control. Simultaneously, we’re embedding digital manufacturing principles, simplifying robot programming and operation, and enabling SMEs to easily train robots for complex tasks.

Our ultimate goal is to make advanced robotics more accessible and efficient for industrial use, particularly in SMEs. By combining collaborative robotics, 3D printing, AI vision, and digital manufacturing, we strive to create user-friendly systems that simplify complex tasks and enhance production quality.

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